Sok Visal

Creative Director / Executive Producer


Sok Visal is the founder and Creative Director of 802AD. He has been passionate about arts, film and music from a young age. Visal, also known as “Cream”, grew up in the 1980ʼs on Hip-Hop culture and cult Horror and Sci-Fi movies by the Hollywood masters. He was an art director and creative director for a couple of prominent advertising agencies in Cambodia working for many big brands, and started Cambodiaʼs first alternative music and Hip-Hop label KLAPYAHANDZ in 2005, which has fans and supported all over the world. Visal is dedicating his time in trying to offer more cool films and music to Cambodia, and if possible, the world. 


Executive Producer and Director - 391 FILMS / 802AD FILMS
Founder & Executive Producer - KLAPYAHANDZ
Art & Creative Director - PHIBIOUS
Art & Creative Director - BATES OLGIVY 141
Maintenance Team Leader > Advertising & Promotions > Training Manager - TOTAL CAMBODIA